Upcoming Events

Children’s Co-op

Contact Emilie Stickley for more information:



Wish List:

  • Large Bookshelf
  • Large cabinet for storage of supplies
  • Digital piano or keyboard (4) – loan or donation
  • Musical instruments of any type (Help us make a joyful noise!)
  • Sewing Machine (4) – loan or donation

Arise Academy

Encouraging our children to ARISE in their calling and walk in God's plan for their lives

A co-op for One Love Windward’s homeschooling families.

Date and Location:

Time: 8:30am-Noon
One Love Windward Classrooms

Age Groups:

K-1st grade
2nd-5th grade


Bible, Science, History, Art, Music

We would love our church family to help us by volunteering any talent or skill! Volunteer for a one-time hour long class, or for a 1 hour/week 6 week block, and share your talent with our homeschoolers (art, ceramics, painting, woodworking, knitting/crocheting).